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Method to my madness

Being a hairdresser for over 25 years having young children and now running Nitsy Pixies I have heard 'every nit story' every solution what works and what doesn't. believe me I've heard it all.

The biggest and most common facter has been 'braking the life cycle' We say the chemicals don't work? Well actually they can (although I don't recommend them) We say combing doesn't work? Well it can? Most anything can work, but if one egg is left?...It will hatch and start laying eggs and you won't know for maybe a month later?

So being a mum, I didn't like all these chemicals poured onto my childs hair, plus I found out that childrens scalps absorb faster and more of the chemicals into their system than adults! How scary is that?

So I decided that I was really good at the 'process' of getting Lice and eggs out but I needed the right natural product to do so, I talked with my Aromatherapist Cousin April Harwood Smith about possible combinations to use with my oils. We came up with the best smelling nit repelling recipie ever! Thank you April!

So the idea is with the first treatment remove ALL the live crawling lice and as many eggs as possible (I have found the oils better than I expected and can remove over 90% of eggs! Fantastic!

Over the next week any eggs that are left WILL hatch but before they are big enough to start laying more eggs we get them with the second treatment.

So, the life cycle is broken!

Yes there is a chance of a third treatment? But this is very rare, I have had a huge success rate so far. I couldn't sell something I didn't believe in.

To become a Pixie or reseller of my natural products just register online and I will be in touch.

Lisa Daniel Head Lice removal and hair specialist

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