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Treatment Process

In Salon Treatment

Step 1 - I heat the carefully measured essential oils with a carrier oil (eg olive oil) I section hair and cover from roots to ends of hair with warm oil.

Step 2 - I section hair and Nit comb out all live crawlies and up to 90% eggs. This is where my expertise as a hairdresser and nit picker comes in. I am SO thorough and I get to every strand of hair. This is the most time consuming part. But it is so very important.

Step 3 - I then thoroughly shampoo out all the oil.

Step 4 - Step 4 is 'your' step you must continue through the next week to comb conditioner through from roots to ends if not everyday every second day and avoid shampooing for that week if you can. Don't worry the conditioner will do some cleansing too, but if its too dirty go ahead and shampoo but make sure you still comb through conditioner afterwards.

- wash all linen, cuddlies, hats and remove all hair from brushes and soak in boiling water including any hair bands.

Step 5 - The repeat of step 1 7-10 days after first treatment

Step 6 - Continue combing conditioner for at least a week after second treatment, then get back to normal life 'without' nits!


Home Treatment Instructions

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Lisa Daniel Head Lice removal and hair specialist

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