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The dreaded notice from school. “Nits in the class!”

Your heart sinks. Not head lice AGAIN! We just got rid of nits!

Are head lice a recurring nightmare?

Nitsy Pixies have a chemical-free, child-friendly solution that will get rid of head lice AND their eggs. No more nits. Hard to believe?


You've tried everything but the nits are thumbing their noses?

Often when you’ve thought you were nits-free hidden eggs hatch and re-infest. Head lice eggs take up to a fortnight to hatch.

Generations of parents have looked for a quick fix to nits and they’ve often resorted to toxic solutions. Don’t.
Our treatments are child-friendly and only require two treatments.

New to Head lice and need help?

When your child gets nits it can be a bit scary and often embarrassing. Ew! Nits! On MY child?

Don’t worry it doesn’t mean they are dirty or have dirty mates - actually head lice prefer clean hair. You’ll need help to get rid of the pesky critters though and steer away from toxic remedies.

Nitsy Pixies have a fast, effective and safe solution.

Just want it sorted?

Either book for a two treatment solution or purchase our natural products and do it yourself.

Lisa Daniel Head Lice removal and hair specialist

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