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Patients with head lice need safe effective treatment

Head lice treatments that don’t fully remove ALL nits and eggs often allow infestations to recur. Medical practitioners can now recommend an effectual treatment that is fast and proven safe.

What is the Nitsy Pixie Chemical Free Treament?

Nitsy Pixie products are designed to kill head lice AND eggs. NO pesticides. NO other chemicals.

Who administers the head lice treatment?

Lisa Daniel hair professional with over 25 years experience and with 100 children on her books.

How effective are the Nitsy Pixie Products?

Early data supporting the safe and effective use of the of these chemical free oils has shown they kill all stages of head lice: hatched lice and their eggs!  On average, 97-99% of eggs are dead after one treatment.  However, that's not job done, you must repeat the treatment within three weeks to kill whatever is left forever.

Are there any safety issues?

Absolutely not, Lisa has always believed in the value of using natural products and being chemical free.

This is a good alternative, especially for patients who have asthma, allergies or other conditions that preclude traditional chemical treatments.

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Lisa Daniel Head Lice removal and hair specialist

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