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Lisa Daniel, Nitsy Pixies founder...


Lisa grew up in Lower Hutt, New Zealand and now lives in Eastbourne on the eastern coastline of Wellington harbour.

Hair lice have been an intermittent challenge for her young customers as long as Lisa has been a hairdresser, over 25 years.

Her two children Noah and Mila-Rose have both struggled with headlice at some stage, so Lisa knows nits very well indeed.

Natural head lice treatment

When Lisa discovered a new natural treatment for getting rid of lice she was immediately went to work mixing her own bottles to help her clients who had spent hundreds of dollars on treatments that just did not work.

 She loves dealing to those pesky head lice just as she loves working with children.

In fact, as a parent, Lisa supported Playcentre for 7 years and acted as a facilitator locally. Kids love her.

Go Lisa!

Lisa wants to spread the message about Nitsy Pixies’  new natural products far and wide because she knows how Kiwi parents are desperate for a head lice quick-fix. You can purchase her natural products online now.

Lisa Daniel Head Lice removal and hair specialist

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